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When something starts from scratch and grows up to a big online product like FXbro Family, it is essential to provide the customers with full story behind the scenes. Enjoy!


What is FXbro?

Best Trading Signals

With 8+ years of the trading experience, we have managed to achieve the most secured way to Trading Stability 

24/7 Customer Support

We have built a team of profi traders to sit and answer your challenging questions by Chat or Telegram

Zero made-ups

There is no need to fake our trading history, testimonials or profit screenshots – we make it transparent

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Main Features

Everyday Signals Pack

Wake up with a set of Signals in Telegram or App. 3-6 Signals per day guaranteed!

Diverse Forex Ideas

We focus on Fundamental analysis and Technical indicators, however its always the experience that counts!

Easy To Understand

Each signal has an Entry point, Take Profit and Stop Loss values. Trade updates are published for each signal!

Pay-Per-Month Subs

We offer multiple subscription packages, so there is no need to worry about an access. Enjoy today!

BTC & PayPal Payments

Signals access can be purchased through the 2 main payment gateways. Cards will be available!

EU & US Sessions

The showtime begins with the London session and finishes with late New York. Trading schedule is 7am to 10pm GMT!


Our Platforms










FXbro trading academy

Download our Signals Apps

We are just about to launch our own unique trading Apps, so our Customers will be able to have the most diverse access to multiple Signals Subscription Packages presented by our Team!


Trading Signal is just a trading suggestion which we believe is potentially profitable to enter live. Every signal comes with exact instructions such as Entry Point, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Lot Sizing values.

Each member of our team is a successful financial trader himself, so every trading signal comes from us and is purely unique and authentic. We also trade the signals ourselves just to make it even more stable.

We say 80%+ over 1 month. The Risk-Reward rate is 1:1/1:2 over 20 trades count. We always do follow-ups on each given signal so our customers don’t get lost.

For the Telegram Channels, we have 2 separate bots for automatic BTC payments. Please contact our support for PayPal provision!


Feedbacks and reviews



Ninel really knows how to trade and thats why she is successful. losses are part of the game, but people are greedy, they want fast money and over leverage their accounts. Even though she is reminding everyone about money management! When they burn their accounts they blame it on her, and give bad reviews which makes no sense.

Heinz Herman


So I’ve been trading about 5 years now, and profitable for the last 2 years.. I’ve gradually built my capital trading consistently and with good risk management, I’ve been with Ninel from even before the start of her telegram channel, and it’s been a long journey, sure all journeys have their ups and downs, that’s life… but she’s always been on point with her trades, advising and constantly guiding her members and always making consistent profits for everyone!!! I have to emphasise that she’s the Gold Standard Queen when it comes to XAUUSD!! She’s literally perfected trading Gold and I blindly follow her analysis on it, I’ve made over 200,000$ USD over the past 10 days and that’s just my profits excluding the capital I have.



Been in her telegram channel since the start and can’t say a bad word about it. Made a great amount of profits. Its all about long term growth. Some people get mad because 1-2 losses in a row but that is only because they over leverage and risk way to much of their account oer trade. If you really want to make profits. And are here for the long run and not just to gamble with 1-2 trades than this is the place to be and to learn a lot from.

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