About us

Starting back in 2014, our team of two young and fresh specialists started off their very long journey of understanding how the financial markets operate. Those were the days of a post-economical crisis syndrome that striked down nearly half of developed economies across Europe and Asia. The majority of first class currencies that had always been easy to predict got immediately sophisticated to something super unstable. Those were the days of commercial businesses shut down, bankruptcy and loss of job places.

Today FXbro team allocates every possible tool to be able to assess and manipulate any market data and instruments demanded successful trading. We decided to launch our own Family, our own Private Club that can be joined even for free. FXbro is something more than the multi-platform Trading Signals or Online Trading Classes - it is your friends who are ready to advise and support you on the full path of financial success!

Maksim Konstantinov – FXbro CEO

«I find Forex trading very perspective, so each of You can enjoy a good start with our support!»

Hello, my name is Max and I am 33 years old. That’s how I’ve never thought I would start such a message.

I’m a self-taught entrepreneur and trader with financial education that helped me along my journey. It all began back in 2013, as I started off with trading stocks and indices, gradually adding Crypto and Forex deals to my investing account step-by-step.

It’s never been that easy as it sounds today and I have to admit that, perhaps, there is no way I can manage to do it all again. However, there are a lot of other ways to succeed in my beloved occupation, such as creating the tools presented on this website. I’ve just grown up to the level where I am able to endorse multiple people to launch trading and benefit more from life. Start using our services today and get additional source of income!