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Buy USDZAR Entry 14.325 SL 14.25 TP 14.54 Risk 1-2%
Sell NZDJPY Entry 78.39 SL 78.82 TP 76.75 Risk 1-3%
Sell AUDJPY Entry 81.478 SL 81.87 TP 80.05 Risk 1-3%
Sell GBPUSD Entry 1.3822 SL 1.3864 TP 1.3686 Risk 1-2%
Sell EURJPY Entry 129.39 SL 129.1 TP 130.06 Risk 1-3%
Sell CHFJPY Entry 119.76 SL 120.06 TP 118.35 Risk 1-3%
Sell CADJPY Entry 86.8 SL 87.2 TP 85.3 Risk 1-3%
Buy USDCHF Entry 0.9138 SL 0.9097 TP 0.929 Risk 1-3%
Sell USDZAR Entry 15.014 SL 15.071 TP 14.745 Risk 1-3%

Sell USDZAR Entry 15.014 SL 15.071 TP 14.745 Risk 1-3%

✅ +130 pips Take partials
Buy EURUSD Entry 1.1738 SL 1.17 TP 1.186 Risk 1-3%

Buy EURUSD Entry 1.1738 SL 1.17 TP 1.186 Risk 1-3%

✅ +36 pips running Move SL to the entry Take partials

What Are Forex Signals?

By definition, a forex signal is a trading idea or recommendation on a specified financial asset, to be executed at a predetermined price and time.

For new traders, forex signals are beneficial, as traders can make money while still learning about the markets and how to trade profitably.

We provide information for manual and automatic use with three subscriptions plans.

How to get Forex Signals?

We have three subscription plans that differ in the duration of access. These are 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. All of them give access to the trader panel with forex signals, video courses, latest news, trusted brokers and funding companies list.

1-Month Subscription $150.00
3-Month Subscription $350.00
1-Year Subscription $950.00

We accept all major debit and credit cards via Stripe along with Bitcoin. Buy purchasing one of subscription plans listed above you automatically accepts the means listed in the Agreement

Forex Signals Telegram Bot

Also you can purchase subscription to the private Telegram channel with daily forex signals through Telegram Bot. The subscription can be transferred to trader panel at any time.


Real Reviews

Our clients send a lot of positive reviews cause they are delighted with the signals we post. Let's check out what they say and how they describe their results using signals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the signals come?

The majority of the signals come during EU session + the start of the US session. However, it depends on the day, as it’s impossible to predict when there is going to be the best time to enter a good trade.

How many signals are given per day?

We normally say – from 3 up to 7 per day. There are some days when it is completely pointless to give out any signals due to high market uncertainty or big market data publications – NFP weeks.

Don’t worry if You miss the signal – just try to take at least 70% of all signals provided over 1 month!

What are the «Points» and why do we count them?

Basically, a point is the 3rd digit after a rate’s comma. The main purpose of us counting points (or pips) is to show how well the signal is progressing and how far the trade has gone from initial values.

You will NEVER have the same points count as us. In order to be otherwise – You must enter the trade at exactly the same entry point as stated in our signal and that's 1000% impossible.

The points count doesn't indicate anything in terms of the financials, as depending on the spread’s commissions or leverage taxes the trade might hit financial break-even only after 20-30 points profit movement.

How to «read» the signal?

Each signal comes with exact entering criterias:

  1. Buy/Sell direction
  2. Name of the Currency Pair/Indice/Commodity
  3. Entry point (the price at which You should be targeting the trade opening)
  4. Type of the trade (Sell stop/limit, Buy stop/limit + value IF STATED)
  5. Take Profit value (TP), an exact point at which the trade should be automatically closed for a profit
  6. Stop Loss value (SL), a clearance point on which the trade should be considered to fail-stopped in order to fix the losses
  7. Risk Management percentage if used
What is «partials trading»?

For each signal it is important to open a real trade with the proper lot sizing stated before in this document. However, it’s a good tone to open multiple trades per one signal, simply dividing the total lot sizing into 2-4-6 smaller lots.

For instance, Your trading account balance is eligible for 0.03 lot sizing per trade. Instead of opening 1 exact trade for 0.03 lot size – please open 3 trades by 0.01 lots. Just one by one.

Another example is for a 0.6 lot sizing account – You need to open 3-6 trades per signal, dividing the full lot into 0.2 or 0.1 smaller lots.

The main reason for doing this is simply accepting the possibility of securing the partials!

Maksim Konstantinov
Maksim Konstantinov

Maksim is FXbro CEO. He is self-taught trader with financial education that helped him along his journey. It all began back in 2013, as he started off with trading stocks and indices, gradually adding Crypto and Forex deals to his investing account step-by-step.