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Live trading account. 1 lots and .5 lots with your risk managment. Thank you Nina, learned so much from your style of trading. I no longer have to trade FTMO.

Passed funding talent thanks to your signals thank you so much!! And they told me I could combine totals so to answer your question from your live yes if you have 3 100k accounts you can make it a 300k account.

Hi Nina! I hope you are doing well? Here are some results that I can show you, I decided to trade on real account first to be able to pay for the FTMO challenge.

Thank you so much for your singnals. You are the best.

I just want to say thank you for your help. Since I know you my trading life have been very great. Thank you for becoming my inspiration.

Make back my losses from last week. I trusted your signal and follow it religiously with proper risk managment. (max 1%) 4.7k and another 4k floating profit.

Phase 2 for 100k challenge passed in a week.

Only risking 1% I passed the challenge in total 2 weeks. Just shows how great ur signals are. I've made about 20% this month on personal risking 1% per trade. Very quality trades!

Hello Nina, I want to take out time to thank you because I have successfully passed and merged my 3 funding talent accounts.. You are indeed God sent.

Thank you so much, your signals from yesterday and today gave me a return of over 10%! I'm learning how to trade myself and your brakedown-videos help me a lot. I'm positive that I will pass the funding challenge of my choice with your signals!

Be blessed and have a nice day

I was in migzr group and made no money and once I joined your signals I passed funding talent in a week I let him hear it.

Love ur signals made 2% today on ur signals on second day of verification half way there already!

Thank you you gave me the 1 remaining percent of 100 which completely changes everything. when the time comes, I'll be happy to give you a vacation as a thank you.

Your Signals are priceless. Also there are rare such an authentic person as you. Such an Inspiration, while I'm going through your Q&A. From what i saw and learned the Last 6 months by different Plattforms, you give a real feeling for the market. You deserve the greatest respect for how you deal with social media and how you Deal with hate. Thank you for your trust in the grateful and willing people.

Ps. Startet to read transsurfing, Thank you

First Day of my FTMO 10k challenge and I am already up almost 2.5% plus these are partial closed trades. I think to take Ninel signals is one of the best decisions of my life. I can't thank you enough. Thank you once again

Hey I just wanna thank you sooooo muchhhhh.

I've failed the challenge 3 times before I got into your signals group & within a week of joining I finally passed on my 4th try! Truly a blessing. You're a super good trader. Thank you sooo sooo much!

Ok now you're seriously the goat. Only took a few hours to pass phase 2! This is so hugeeee. Thank you sooo sooo muchhh!

I'm officially funded thanks to you and I'm already making profit! I'm getting my profit split tomorrow! Thank you so, so much for what you do! You're such an inspiration. I hope you become even more blessed with each and every passing day!

Hi ninel you are the best.

These are my closed and open trades on my funded ftmo account. And is only my second day with the funded account. You are a true queen.

The best signal chat I have ever been in, consistently seeing the blue screen.

Again nother great week !!!! Consistency !!!! Love it, anyone not in this signal chat is really missing out.

THANK YOU!!!! I passed phase 1 in 14 days.

You don't know how much I've waited for a genuine person like you Nina. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities with us.

Gold took me out after we placed our stop loss at entry and took out some profit.

You're doing a great job. I signed up last week Thursday and I was in doubt. I've doubled my account in just 4 trading days with your signals. You're the bomb dear.

You are wizard on the charts and I'm greatful for your service. I would of finished if I didn't delete that gold order but first phase almost done in less than a week.

Maksim Konstantinov
Maksim Konstantinov

Maksim is FXbro CEO. He is self-taught trader with financial education that helped him along his journey. It all began back in 2013, as he started off with trading stocks and indices, gradually adding Crypto and Forex deals to his investing account step-by-step.